This is Maddie my German Shepard. Maddie, short for Madeline was named after the story book character Madeline because she loves to go on adventures and explore. She is friendly and was rescued from a junk yard. It took a while for her to get used to people, and she didn't really approach men. Now... Continue Reading →

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10 Things that Helps me Get through the Day.

Water Yeah, there are some people who can literally just chug it and there are others that literally don't ever drink water. I was always one of those who never drank as much as I should. I always drank some just not the recommended amount! However, I started feeling super sluggish during the day and... Continue Reading →

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10 Little Things that Might Make Her Day!

FLOWERS. FLOWERS. FLOWERS. Sounds Original Yes. However, what girl doesn't enjoy having her man go out of his way to grab her a even a small bouquet or a single rose? That moment of happiness is something that compares to being on vacation, or winning at the casino. That's is winning in my book! Checking... Continue Reading →

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Respect, seven letters, the power to kill, and what everyone wants. There are different areas in life where respect will flare up like the common cold. Relationships, friendships, business relationships, most of the time just relationships go hand and hand with respect. Why though? Why shouldn't we treat everyone with respect all the time ?... Continue Reading →

Different Dreams.

Lay your head down on the pillow and get comfortable for the night. Before you know it you've fell into a deep sleep. Do you ever wake up the next morning breathing heavy or enlightened by whatever you dreamed the night before? Why is it you dream about what you dream. Is it caused by... Continue Reading →

Finding my Inner Self

As I took a step into Earth Lore in Plymouth, Michigan, I swear to you I had finally found myself. Taking in all the different and exotic objects, the different smells and relaxing music. I am not one of those artsy human beings or someone who does things that are wild, but as I walked... Continue Reading →

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